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How Architect design house for you, easy basic 9 steps

Today we discuss How Architect design house for you, in a more creative, aesthetic and innovative manner. The architect’s job is not only to design the layout and another drawing of the house, but to have meetings with you, and other associates also. 

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Value of Architectural Services

Most People think that Architectural and design services are a bit costly, So they avoid the services. Might be they are not aware of the Architects and their services. These avoidable moves of yous lead them to the pick wrong person for the design house. 

Design House
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The person who just knows the manager of labours, just has high school passed or even belongs to other degrees(non-technical, or Non-architects). Such people claim themselves as Architect or designer. 

Just Imagine a person who doesn’t even know the basics of design and architecture knowledge, How come they are going to construct and design house? 

All of them have worked with experienced Architects and Engineers, gaining almost 3-5 yrs of experience. And they start their business

Likewise, You have Cancer. What you will do? Prefer the doctor or Pharmacist? The architect is also known as a Doctor of Design and construction of buildings. So, Choose Wisely.

Basically, the Architect design house and completes the whole process in 9 easy steps, and they are:-

Meeting with you(client)

Have a meeting between both parties, you and the Architects. Discussing your wishlist and details related to the site and current situation. Fixing the requirements, it’s the Architect’s duty to go through your needs. 

Design House
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After that, Architect will ask for a charge. After all the negotiation, understanding, legal paperwork and signing of the agreement, the Architect starts work on your project. 

[NOTE: It’s your duty to ask for the registration number/license number from the Architect in the beginning. To ensure whether he/she is genuine or not].

Site Visit

After that, with team Architect, will approach your site to look after the current situation to ensure about structures, trees, and other entities, which occupy the space. If there is plain land, then it’s totally OK. If not then, Architect and you both have to discuss the most possible way, which thing to remove or which not.

Design House
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The Architect’s team’s job is to provide you with the details of the site and do the site survey if needed. With some apparatus, they can easily measure and give reports of the survey of your site.

Beginning of the Design Process

Working on Concept

Taking care of the site’s shape, size, and type Architect will brainstorm his mind W.R.T. concept by working with different shapes and thought processes. And most importantly, Architect will take care of your likes, and dislikes also. 

Design House
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Including all things together, Architect will come up with and Shape in terms of 2-d and 3-D sketch of your house(rough basic sketch) which most probably attract you. 

Bubble Diagram

Bubble Diagram is the Technique of plotting the space in the correct direction and position keeping in mind of site’s condition and direction. And your(client) requirement is being taken as a priority. 

Design House

Schematic Diagram

A schematic Diagram is another technique to channel your space and illustrates your door and window schedule. It’s also termed a one-line floor plan.

Rough Sketch for basic ideas of Floor plan and 3-D sketches.

Making rough sketches of all possible floor plans of your design house. The architect will also illustrate the 3-D rough Sketches, which will be a key factor to make you understand your house. 

Design House

This process will very important phase of this process, because if this process attracts you. If you find it interesting, then half of the work is done.

Making floor plans and other technical drawings on Drafting Software

Now come to the technical part, Floor plan are such kind of drawings which shows you the proper space management, functions, channels, and orientations.

Design House

This layout will illustrate the accurate space with dimensions and other measurements. This Architect will be able to make you understand all types of spaces and how they are settled up W.R.T. to site.

Generally, there are many Softwares, which architect prefers for Drafting:-

  • AutoCAD
  • CoralCAD
  • Revit (Building Information Modualing)
  • ArchiCAD  (Building Information Modualing)
  • Rhino
Design House
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Meeting With You(Client) Again

It’s your duty to look after that “how much your project is done? how much requires to be done? When it is going to complete? After all, it is your dream design house project. Try to have meetings with the Architect, 2-3 times a month until unless it’s done. 

Design House
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During the meeting, the Architect will show you the Architectural floor plan layouts, other drawings and related sketches. After the Discussion of the floor plan with you, the Architect going to proceed to the further phase of design. If there is no such correction needed in the drawings.

Makes 2D Technical Drawings

Design House
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After the finalization of the 2d floor plan layout, the Architect going to make technical drawings of your residence. Which includes:-

  • Column layout
  • Centre-line layout
  • Foundation layout
  • Beam Layout
  • Door and Window schedule
  • Flooring layout
  • Roof layout
  • Furniture layout(optional).

Make Sections

Sections are 2-d visualizational drawings which illustrate the building or part of a building Sections are drawn from vertical planes across the building.

Design House

It’s like cutting a room vertically and standing in front of it and looking straight ahead. 

Design House

Sections are general engineering drawings and engineering architecture or engineering conventions for graphical representation of architecture Section views are orthographic (except section perspective views). That is, they are not drawn in perspective and are not foreshortened.

Make Elevations

An elevation is a specific type of drawing used by architects to show a building or part of a building.

Design House

Elevations are drawn from a vertical plane looking directly at the facade or interior surface of the building. It’s like standing in front of a building and looking straight ahead. 

Design House

Elevations are common engineering drawings and engineering architecture or engineering conventions for graphically representing architecture. The elevation is an orthographic projection. 

Design House

That is, they are not drawn in perspective and are not foreshortened.

Design House

3d modelling for Visualisation

This is the last part which is the most interesting, creative and fancy thing, it’s a client-attracting thing. You will find it very interesting.

Design House

This Visualisation consists of 2 parts:

3D ModelSketchup, Revit, Archicad, and Rhino.
Real-time visualisation and Render ImagesTwinmotion, Lumion, Cinema4D, V-Ray, and Photoshop.
Design House

The architect will hand over the drawing to you and gets his/her payment

After all the drawings and paperwork, Architect going to hand over all the drawings to you. So that you can proceed with the Construction Phase. 

Design House
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This article was only written only to make you(clients) understand the importance of architects, and how they work to provide you with better services. Our only suggestion is for you(clients),

Design House
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“Don’t think about the Amount, see the bigger picture. If someone is an expert in that particular field, a genuine one asking you a decent amount. There is a 100% possibility, that architect will provide you with a better design, with structure and other requirement drawings and details in a very satisfying way that you (the client) will be happy to see your design house when it gets completed”.

The architect’s job is not only to design house, He/She also knows how to conduct the construction part with his/her engineer colleague. 

Both professionals will give a good outcome in terms of the design house. But you(the client) have to pay for it, Which is totally different to design and other consultancy services. “Each service asks for cost/charge by professionals”.

One thing is clear, you will get a good result, and it will be value for money. Each penny you gonna spend on your house in terms of any kind of service will give you a good outcome.

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

How do architects earn money?

By Giving Architectural consultancy services.

How do architects charge for Architectural consultancy services?

Architect’s charges start from $2/sq.ft for design house.

How to hire an Architect?

There are many possible ways and platforms where you can directly approach them and ask for the services. i.e. Linkedin, Houzz, and Fiverr, often you can go to the official website of your desired Architect.

What to do If Architect is not able to give a good service, as you want?

Ask for Drawing correction/revision at least 3 times. Even after that, If Architect is still unable to convince you with his/her drawings services. It is your Right to ask for a refund.

If you want, you can go for an agreement, where both parties have to sign the clause. In that clause, you can add the refund criteria also. 

So that in future, you can manage to get your amount settled. By the Way, it very rarely happened that Architect couldn’t convince the client with his/her drawing. 

But Every time Architects know what to present and the taste of the client. So hardly happened, Don’t worry.

How much time does it require for an Architect to design House Project?

Around a month, if the client likes the design at his/her very first impression. If the Client doesn’t like the design and asks for a revision, most probably it going to take around 3 months wholesome.

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