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नमस्ते, as per the query related to About Us My name is Lakshay Singh. By Profession I am Architect. I did my schooling in New Delhi and did my graduate degree in Gwalior. Nowadays I live in Patna and practise Architecture Consultancy. I did a B-Arch degree from ITM University, Gwalior, MP. Past 2 years I practising Architecture Consultancy Services through Freelancing platforms. Nowadays, I am giving Informative services related to the Architecture blog named as AL DESIGN JOURNAL, and I have an architectural Firm named SPACE CREATOR. Through Architecture blogs, my goal is to educate and provide legit information about Architecture.


There are many different freelancing services Platforms where I have provided services like- fiver, Upwork, Guru, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour, and many more. Not only this I also provide Architectural Consultancy Services to Clients.

NameLakshay Singh
Other CompaniesSpace Creator, Future Arrivals, Banking World, Search For Knowledge, Indian Gaming Insight.
Past Experience2 years of Architectural Consultancy Services

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Why did I choose Blogging?

As you see in this Internet World, there are millions of searches where the common query is related to Architecture, Design and Construction. Which means most of them are writing about Architecture, Design and Construction related blogs. But the Main thing to point out is how many of them are genuine, It is observed that most of the website owners write on such topics which they don’t have a master on that. Just read others’ genuine posts and get basic knowledge of that, they write their own content.

I believe that I can share my professional studies of Architecture knowledge with 2 years of experience in Architectural Consultancy Services on my Website.

How did the website named AL Design Journal start?

I started my first website which is SEARCH FOR KNOWLEDGE, which was a multi-niche blog. Then I realize that there is a need for that kind of website which has a single niche blog. As per Google norms and conditions, there is a priority of google, which it tells that concentrating on a particular topic or niche instead of approaching multi-niche.

EAT is google’s policy of giving priority to websites. So I focused on a Single Niche which is AL DESIGN JOURNAL, a website which provides architecture, design, and constructional-based knowledge in the form of blogs. In that single niche, I was even more segregated into sub-topics or Mico-niche. In starting I faced many issues related to website building, but I learn about websites and this is how I made this Website.

What other services does this website offer?

There are many different Services where you can get the benefit of:

  • Affiliate marketing, where you can click and get amazing offers and do the shopping.
  • Product review related to the niche, where you can click on links and do the shopping.
  • Will share the knowledge related to freelancing work tips where you can read the blog and learn the techniques to earn money through Architecture.
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