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Architects design a suspended city model around Burj Khalifa. What great news!

Dubai is known for its enviable luxury architecture. Just when you thought its buildings couldn’t be futuristic anymore, ZNera Space arrived, an architecture firm with some pretty ambitious plans for the city. What could it be? A design proposal of the Suspended City for the skyscraper surrounding the Burj Khalifa, online magazine design boom reported on Tuesday.

About the suspended city model around the Burj Khalifa

Architects design a suspended city model around the Burj Khalifa. Check some interesting 

It includes all the characteristics that make up the most popular urban metropolis. It includes residential, public and commercial spaces, and even a green garden, adding much-needed oxygen to the car-busy city. 


It will also be decorated with lush vegetation and open spaces for the ultimate user experience. Among its many landmarks, you will find offices, research centres, cultural spaces and a 3D green ecosystem that will act as the “lungs” of the ring, bringing much-needed oxygen to the polluted city.

The Downtown Circle project aims to build sustainable and self-sufficient vertical urbanization, creating an ultra-efficient urban centre that gives back to the environment. 

The building footprint consists of two main rings, lit by a continuous green belt – the “sky park” – illuminated by natural light and integrated with offices and research centres. The “Sky Park” connects the floors vertically, creating a connected three-dimensional urban green ecosystem.

Structures of the suspended city model around the Burj Khalifa

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The structure will be supported by five vertical beams, which we believe would need to be stronger to support such a bustling and diverse mini-metropolis. The structure is also intended to be sustainable, with a more human-like typology designed to mimic nature and introduce various green public spaces.

The structure consists of two rings linked together by a continuous green suspension strip called the sky park. This aerial park will provide residents and visitors with fresh air, plenty of natural light and panoramic views of the city. Downtown Circle will additionally have five levels, each divided into smaller units divided into residential, public, commercial and cultural programs. 

The structure has a diameter of 3 kilometres. As it surrounds the Burj Khalifa, it draws in panoramic views and fresh air from Sky Park, which forms the central backbone of the development. 

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The large scale of the structure is broken down into smaller units to create a variety of spaces to serve public, commercial and cultural programs. The project offers a variety of office and housing types, from large offices and living/working units to lofts, townhouses and townhouses. 

Concept of Suspended City model around the Burj Khalifa

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The concept is a potential response to the global search for a new hybrid city typology that combines high-density and lush vegetation, dynamic urban functions and high-quality user experience to meet the demand for climate protection and environmental excellence. 

The successive aerial parks reproduce different climates, where visitors can discover canyons, dunes and plants of varied flora. Swamps, waterfalls, tropical vegetation, digital caves, waterfalls, fruit trees and flowers of different colours and types enrich the green ecosystem.

Features of Suspended City model around the Burj Khalifa

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To give back to the natural environment, the plan includes proposed areas for rainwater harvesting and solar power. As well as providing refuge for wild plants and food production, the design can store carbon and filter pollutants from the air. 

An aerial park inside the building will provide residents with a connection to nature and provide opportunities for outdoor recreation and a healthier lifestyle. Considering coastal developments and their vulnerability to sea level rise, the proposed typology examines the remedies and proposes a unique urban model to deal with this threat.

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In terms of transportation, a fleet of suspended peripheral pods transport passengers from node to node within the city’s central circle. These suspended ships reach their destinations via a lower-level rail network. 

The 20-passenger pods are loaded into peripheral rings and connected by pressure vessels connected to the main core of the elevator. These hyper-footed robots can move at speeds of 100 kilometres per hour and capture 360-degree panoramas of entire cities from a height of 500 meters.

Image and Information Courtsey- Archdaily

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