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Integrating Landscape and Interior Design: Perfect Blend in New England Style Homes in 2023

Landscape and Interior Design, Seamless Home-Garden Fusion: A Landscape Architect’s Journey

Discover the ultimate fusion of interior and exterior design showcased in a remarkable Greenwich, Connecticut home. This contemporary landscape and Interior Design of New England-style residence perfectly demonstrates how to bring the outdoors in and create captivating ‘garden rooms’ outside through meticulous landscape design.

Landscape and Interior Design

Renowned as one of the world’s best homes, we’ve invited landscape architect Janice Parker and interior designer Jamie Drake of Drake/Anderson, to walk us through the captivating highlights of this abode.

Designer Jamie Drake set out to infuse life, richness, and personality into the home’s simple backdrop. Inspired by his client Janice, the landscape architect, who finds allure in the vibrant hues of the garden, from lively florals to earthy mosses.

On the other hand, Janice’s husband, Jim White, an author and speaker, was drawn to the house for its abundant natural light, a feature carefully preserved throughout the design process.

The kitchen boasts a contemporary white country cabinetry design complemented by pale wood floors that flow seamlessly through the entire house. To add a touch of design depth, Drake opted for Cab Stools designed by Mario Bellini in 1977.

These steel-framed seats don a “slipcover” of leather, showcasing an original and inventive design. It’s noteworthy that landscape designer Janice holds a deep appreciation for the classic designers of the 1960s and 70s, a sentiment reflected in the thoughtful selection of decor.

Within this home, the boundaries between indoors and outdoors blur effortlessly, creating a harmonious and inviting space that celebrates the best of both worlds. The integration of landscape and interior design is a testament to the skilful artistry and vision of Janice Parker and Jamie Drake.

Their collaboration has resulted in a home that epitomizes the perfect blend of nature and architecture, leaving visitors captivated and inspired. The remarkable transformation of this Greenwich home serves as a masterclass in design, offering valuable insights into how to unite living spaces with the surrounding landscape.

It proves that with careful planning and a creative approach, the magic of nature can be harnessed to create an exceptional living experience that transcends the boundaries of traditional design.

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