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East facing house plan with vastu-16 best East-facing house vastu tips

Building a house with Vastu is a very old and Healthy option. But now in the modern world, hardly people prefer the Vastu Shastra, most people think that it’s a hoax.

East facing house plan with vastu

Each direction and position throws different types of energy into the space. The people don’t prefer to have vastu,  not a hard feeling but they don’t know about space management. All of this happens because they are not professionals on this platform.

But Instead of taking advice from Professional consultants those who know Vastu Shastra and architecture services prefer to plan their house on their own and this is their first big mistake.

Even in most developing countries,  most architecture professionals engineer contractors and builders don’t prefer proper planning. If we say that it depends upon vastu then you will not believe, it because you will think and see this as the cultural aspect.

But it is a science that depends upon the elements of the earth and the Arrangement of spaces.  Today we’re going discuss East facing house plans with vastu and a few East facing house vastu tips also.

Over here we are going to discuss East facing houses Vastu plan with their proper analysis where we are going to illustrate the East facing house plan and going also give vastu tips related to East facing houses

But first, you have to know what Vastu Shastra is,  its concepts, its benefits, and advantages, how to determine the direction with the vastu of a house and many more things.

What is Vastu Shastra- East facing house plan with vastu

The traditional Indian system of architecture is based on Ancient texts, it Unites science, art, astronomy and astrology. It also translates to the science of architecture, Vastu Shastra is an ancient of India which is thousands of years old.

This Ancient Science states the principle of design, measurement, space layout and Spatial geometry. It is being practised in the Hindu system believes that reflex architecture and design in terms of culture, and infrastructure and also embodies Traditional Buddhist beliefs. 

If you know how to layout the building structure and other spaces drawing then there is 100% Assurance that you will bring peace and prosperity as a Vastu consultant to the people life whose going to live there. 

Concepts of vastu shastra

Vastu Shastra scientifically combines the five elements of planet Earth which are water,  air, sky, land(Earth), and fire creating a suitable environment to live in.  Its principle is that also integrates with the architecture of space to boost health, well-being, energy, and prosperity and makes the space atmosphere serene and enlightened. 

Combining the five elements of nature and balancing them with human materials is an art of Vastu Shastra that will fit in your house and give you benefits in your day-to-day life. 

According to Western science, there are only four directions with four different other sub-directions, which are east, west, North, South, North-East, South-East, South-West, and North-West. But in Vastu Shastra, there are 17 different zones and within that, there will be  33 sub-zones (33-koti) which are:

  1. North
  2. North-North-East
  3. North-East
  4. East North East
  5. East
  6. East-South-East
  7. South-East
  8. South-South-East
  9. South
  10. South-South-West
  11. South-West
  12. West-South-West
  13. West
  14. West-North-West
  15. North-West
  16. North-North-West

5 Advantages of vastu shastra for the house- East facing house plan with vastu

5 advantages of Vastu Shastra for a house are:

Improved Health

Vastu Shastra emphasizes the importance of the proper placement of doors, windows, and other openings to allow for good airflow and natural light, which can contribute to improved health and well-being.

Increased prosperity

According to Vastu Shastra, certain areas of the home are associated with wealth and prosperity.  By following the principles of Vastu, it is believed that you can attract positive energy and financial success.

Better relationships

Vastu Shastra places a strong emphasis on the importance of harmonious relationships between family members. The principles of Vastu aim to create a balanced and peaceful environment in the home that promotes positive relationships.

Reduced stress and improved sleep

Vastu Shastra emphasize the importance of creating a calm and peaceful environment in the home, which can help to reduce stress and improve sleep quality.

Increased creativity and productivity

By creating a balanced and harmonious environment in the home, Vastu Shastra aims to promote creativity and productivity.

East facing house plan as per vastu

As you see in this floor plan, the House of East faces. First, you have to take the reference of Shakti Chakra. There are 16 different zones including the central zone which is Brahm-Shathan, which is the energy source of the whole.

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So, Just focus on the Floor plan.

East facing house plan

Before Main Entrance there is a porch, which comes under East which is a Zone of Networking.  There is a Secondary door going towards the backyard of the house, which lies in the South Direction.

The kitchen is in the South-East and South-South-East directions which is a zone of Cash-flow and Confidence. If you have a kitchen in these directions then your family will be economically stable and you will able to take a decision with confidence.

Toilet next to the secondary entrance lies and toilet of the bedroom in the South-South-West, a zone of disposal. You can implement disposal, dustbin and even toilet also.

If you throw and excrete the waste part of the house and your body part in this zone, there will be no such bad impact will come inside the house. South-west is the direction where the bedroom is situated, it is mainly focused to design for the owner of the house. 

The dining area is situated in the West direction which is a zone of Gain, It is very beneficial for the family. It will throw a good impact on the family/occupants. The store room is in the North-West direction which is very accurate for such spaces, Which is Zone of Support also.

Two bedrooms adjacent to each other are situated from the North-North-West Zone to the North-East, which is a zone of opportunity, health and Mind clarity.

If you see the Puja Ghar or Spiritual Room which is situated in North-East it throws energy that clears your mind.  This is the Zone best for Puja Ghar/Spiritual room, office and study areas. Try to make it clean and neat.

At last, You can see the Living area which is situated in the East direction, a zone of networking it is. If you have a Living area in this zone, there are more possibilities that you are very well known in society, and even become a great personality.

It is because, this zone of networking will grant you meetings, and talks with High profile people.

East facing house vastu tips

For reference, the floor plan is allocating:-

1. The centre point of the house- Brahm Shathan

2. 16 zones with five different element clour- Water(blue), Air(Green), Fire(Red), Earth(Yellow), and Space(Grey).

East-facing house vastu tips

As for the topic of vastu tips for facing houses,  let’s divide 16 directions and one midpoint which is a total of 17 different zones.

East-facing house vastu tips

Within that 17 zones, there will be 33 different subs zones also known as (33 koti). So, will discuss East facing house vastu tips according to the zone.


Zone of opportunity, If you are doing business and you want to grow it. But the main reason is that Nobody’s approaching you to do business which means, there is some problem with the north direction inside your house.

Either there will be yellow and red colour elements or artefacts even wall paint will be there which is obstructing your North Zone. That’s the reason your business opportunity is blocked, So avoid such things.

During the design and Construction of the house, Some spaces are avoided in the not direction that spaces are kitchen, toilet, store room, and disposal area.


A zone of immunity, health, and well-being. If you want a good healthy life then prefer to correct this zone. Within your family member if most of them are feeling sick, or low.

If this kind of situation is made in your family and everyone is feeling sick then there is a problem with this zone. So correct this zone, but how you are going to do that?

Try to avoid the kitchen, toilet, disposal area, inverter (electricity backup), And any kind of artefact and wall paint which is associated with yellow and red colours. 

Do you know? If you are a doctor, Then you should prefer your sitting area Where you can treat the patient and And treat them.

You will not believe it If some patient comes to you and you are sitting in that direction no matter how much good and well treatment Your offer. 

Even if a glass of water with your hand is offered by your patient that Person will feel well.

You will think this is a hoax,  but it’s a zone immunity that’s why such kind of miracle can experience. If it says not a hoax, then how to believe this theory?

Simple, just apply this activity in your house as a doctor and even ordinary people prefer to keep your medicine in that particular zone and you will feel that you are slowly starting to heal yourself. 


Clarity of mind and vision is very crucial. This zone is considered one of the most important zones throughout the Vastu Shastra because this zone is a zone of clarity of mind. 

If your vision is unclear, 90% of your day-to-day life will be affected due to having problems in this direction.  Try to make this zone neat and clear. Every day wash and clean that area.

And if you are a spiritual person then you always prefer to keep the spiritual things and do your spiritual activity in that particular zone. 


Zone of happiness, if your family is not feeling good depression always comes to your mind.

Check this zone, it might be there is a fault. Don’t put Red White and yellow colour in this zone. Because these types of colours and artefacts Will obstruct your happiness.

Try to put Green plants,  and artefacts made of wood, and you can do spiritual work in this zone also. 


Suppose you are a businessman or have a strong powerful personality, it means you have lots of people who know you. A zone of networking it is, means this zone attracts people towards you if you know how to correct this.

In this zone living area should be a priority, living area is such kind of place where you can invite some people for having a talk or a meeting. Try to implement green plants and bronze metal artefacts of the sun that should be hung on the wall in the East direction of the house. 


Zone of analysis and Churning, if you are a charter accountant and stakeholder.  You should go for constructing office in your house in this particular zone.

The term “churning” Ine Vastu Shastra generally use for brainstorming, If you can’t analyse anything easily most probably there is a problem within this zone.

If you want you can also go to the toilet in this zone, with the washing machine can also be kept in this area. Don’t prefer the kitchen in this zone, because it will affect your health.


Zone of the kitchen, Basically it’s a zone of transition also. In simple words,  you can imagine that a zone of green going to convert into a zone of red.  For cash and liquidity, you can also implement green plants or scenery of green lush plants in this zone.

That will increase the cash flow in your life. This zone is especially associated with the kitchen for cooking purposes. If you have a Kitchen in this particular zone,  you are getting many benefits and they are:

  1. You will never fall sick if you have a Kitchen in this zone because whatever you want will give you healthy results.
  1. In a zone of cash and liquidity, most of the houses are financially not stable. it is found that their kitchen is not associated with the southeast and might be planned in a different direction and zone. If you want to be financially stable always prefer Kitchen in this zone it is your priority and make it compulsory for planning the house. 


Red colour walls, artefacts, and other elements related to red should be favourable to this zone.

If you are in media, want to become a celebrity, or even want to join a police department, have some fantasy of becoming a Politician. But feel shy and had low confidence while talking in public, then my friend try to fix the zone.

Avoid blue, black, and green colours over here. The kitchen as space will be a good option for your house. South-South-East is that zone which provides you with the confidence to speak in front of a crowd and helps you make decisions with the high mural.


Want fame in your life? Do you know? If you are a celebrity or want to become one, Put a red statue of an Elephant or you can put 7 red horses running scenery in that particular zone.


The toilet and disposal area will be perfect for this zone because it’s a zone of disposal. Don’t perform other activities over here, or else this zone will destroy the benefit which you going to get from the activity.


The problem in relationships with family or with your partner? South-West is a zone of relationship if your married life is not going well or your family member are not happy with you.

Fix this zone, and then your issue will resolve ASAP. Within a week you will observe the change in your family member or partner’s behaviour.

What to do to resolve this issue? Family Photo will be the perfect option for that, put in that zone.

If a house that having a bedroom in this zone, then this bedroom should be given to a New couple. It is a zone of gain skills also, building an office inside the house in that particular zone will give the benefits to learn the new skills.

At last, if you want to paint the wall. Go for Yellow which resembles the Earth Element.


Zone of saving, If you have a Cash locker then try to put it in this zone. This thing will give you the benefits in savings. Avoid Red, Green, Blue and black colours in this zone.


Zone of gain, if you want to make a profit in anything then prefer to have an activity related to your interest in this zone. White colour wall paint will be the perfect option. Avoid red, and green colours in this zone.

The toilet should not be placed in this house, else this will obstruct the gain and profits.


Suppose you are feeling sad, depressed and feeling low. Either your bedroom is situated or you are spending your significant time in that zone.

It also associates with detoxication. A toilet is a good option, excrete in your body is toxic, and keeping the toilet in this zone means throwing toxic from the human body.


Zone of Support. No matter for which organisation you are working and what kind of business you do, if you want support from that organisation and business.

Use white and blue colour wall paint on walls of the North-west zone. The storeroom will be a great option for a house.


This is also good for bedrooms, especially for new couples who are planning for a baby. This is a zone of Sensuality and attraction, so make sure that the unmarried girl in the family should have a bedroom in that particular zone.

The toilet will also be avoided, or else it will obstruct the energy.

5 East facing house Vastu benefits

East facing houses are considered to be auspicious to the user most of the time. It is believed that it’s also going to give some benefits and they are: 

Positive energy

The sun rises from the east direction which is considered to be the beginning of the day. Thus, If you have East facing house then it is considered that your house will liberate positive energy which helps you to start a new beginning to grow more in your day-to-day life. 

Vastu Shastra is ancient Indian practice which is much older than feng shui,  it navigates to balance the energy throughout space. Vastu says that east-facing houses are a very favourable direction for a home.

In the five elements of the earth, the East direction is associated with air which consists of plants and Woods green colours.  “Air” means fly upward which means growth and beginning in your life. 

Good Health 

If you see the north-north-east zone lies between North and North East, This zone will be associated with immunity and health which brings positive energy and is vital to its inhabitants. 

There are some tips to improve Good health in East facing houses. 

  1. Keep the area clean and well-lit, and try to avoid dark and black colours.
  2. Avoid clutter and dark spaces and try to make them bright.
  3. Add plants and natural light sources to improve the air quality while natural light sources can help to improve your mind and soul also. 
  4. Place air and water elements or artefacts between the north to East zone. because water and air are believed to nourish and refresh the body and mind. 


Prosperity or financial success is a very important expect of human life. To Sustain in this world, you have to earn and stabilise your financial status.

But the main question is, how would you stabilize Your financial status? East direction or zone are considered to be qualities of networking. Networking in any person’s life brings opportunity. And opportunity brings money which creates financial stability.

Bright and cheerful

The morning sandwich illustrates reddish-yellow colour that brings Natural light which makes the house bright and cheerful. 

Good for study

It will also be beneficial for students East facing houses are considered to be the study area. This zone will create a favourable environment to constantly trade better in your Academics. 

ConclusionEast-facing house vastu tips

At last, I want to wrap up with that point these points and floor plans are drawing are the reference for ideal East facing house plan with vastu. This may vary according to the situation and site.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is the east-facing house good as per Vastu?

Yes, but make sure that other spaces in the house should be placed in an appropriate manner.

What if the main door is east facing?

Your approach and network within your society and city will increase. Because the door is lie in the East, zone of networking.

Which colour is best for an east-facing house?

White colour is ideal for all types of zones of facing houses. Green, Off-white, and pale yellow will be good options for East-Facing houses. 

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