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9 ways How architecture Students can earn money, Read this Interesting article.

Earning money during college time is everybody’s dream. Today we are going to discuss On 9 Ways How architecture students can earn money. So let’s roll on this article and focus on the main factors of earning. 

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A list of 9 different ways that architecture students can earn money are:-

Selling architecture stationary and products online 

It’s an affiliate marketing service you can learn in your college time. Architecture students, you can sell architecture stationery and other products by just making your website by writing some blogs related to architecture, architecture stationeries, and other products. At the end of the blog, you can share the affiliate link, and by generating traffic on your blog you can ask them to follow that affiliate link and purchase your product.

There are many platforms where you can do affiliate marketing:-

  1. Amazon Affiliate
  2. Shopify
  3. Flipkart affiliate
  4. eBay affiliate
  5. Approach any trustable brand, ask for affiliate links and tell them that you are going to throw public attention towards their website to grow the business.

How to create affiliate links on e-commerce websites?

There are some steps which you have to follow:-

  1. Search for an e-commerce website on Google
  2. Create an account on that website
  3. Login to the website
  4. Join the business partner program on that eCommerce website
  5. Copy the affiliate link which will be available from now onwards on that eCommerce website you have joined the business partner program.
  6. At last, put the affiliate link as internal linking or as a widget banner for marketing.

If someone approaches your website and clicks on the affiliate link which is provided in your blog and if he or she purchases some product.  That e-commerce website will give you some percentage of that product. Suppose you have 10000 affiliate link clicks through your blog post and almost 2000 people have purchased that product.  Roughly you will get a 0.4% to 5% share of that product but that will depend on the product specification and cost.

Selling architecture and design books in PDF format

Selling architecture and design books in a PDF format are generally performed on online platforms. You may master some topics in architecture during your college time.

Then you will ask us “when we are in college how we could write a book?” You have to master that particular topic on which you are going to write a book on. It doesn’t matter whether you have a degree or not, to write a book you don’t need a degree because you are sharing your experience. 

The only main criterion behind writing the book is that you are knowledgeable. Make sure that there will not be any corrections required such as grammatical and spelling mistakes.

Even writing blogs on your website or even free platforms like or you upload your PDF books you may set the price of that PDF book and earn money.

Everything depends upon the traffic on your blogs. If your blog consists of 10000 weekly traffic then most probably that almost 20 to 30% of that population who is watching your blog I am going to buy that product.

Let’s suppose there are 20% of 10000 people who purchase your online PDF book for just 0.5 dollars. 20% of 10000 will be approx 2500 people and multiply by 0.5 dollars. 

My friend, for almost 1250 dollars per month you are going to just sell the PDF book. And you are just an architecture student and you are earning, which is one of the most fantastic things for you.

Things to follow while selling your PDF book online are:-

  1. You should have a blogging website no matter if it’s free or paid but you should have one.
  2. Your content of that blog should be optimum so that it will attract viewers towards your website and give you huge traffic per month. Without traffic, there is no use selling such products because, if nobody sees your product and blogs how come they know you because you are invisible to them? So focus on how you can generate traffic on your blog’s website.
  3. Your PDF book doesn’t require corrections like grammatical or spelling mistakes.
  4. Your PDF book must have genuine knowledge regarding a particular topic and don’t prefer to focus on multiple topics instead of just focusing on one.

Write blogs

Blogs are written content that consists of knowledge regarding anything. In architecture, there are many Pioneer bloggers and websites who generally write blogs, some of the good examples are,,,, and many moreā€¦

You can make your blogging website and write content related to informative knowledge, tutorials, news, and related to architecture. But you will ask us how such a website makes money through writing blogs on their website.

Running ads on your website with the banner format, popup format, widget format, and other formats also. If someone approaches your website and sees the advertisement banner, somehow that person clicks on that.

The number of clips on that advertisement banner will give you some percentage and luckily if that person uses the website and purchases something from that website or gets the service automatically such big websites will get a higher value income through that.

Believe me, you can also do the same. You have to take some measures during putting AdSense into your website and they are:-

  1. You should have at least a thousand people monthly traffic on your website.
  2. Your content should be legit and readable enough that even a 10-year-old kid will read and understand it properly.
  3. Your website should be optimized in terms of size and should not contain cache files.

Platforms where you can get approval for Ads on your website

15 different websites provide add marketing services where you can get the approval of ADS on your website, they are:-

  1. Google Adsense
  2. Best for Established Bloggers
  3. PropellerAds: Best for Popunders
  4. Monumetric: Best for Mid-Sized Blogs
  5. Revcontent: Best for High-Traffic Media Sites
  6. Adversal: Best for Self-Service Advertisers
  7. AdThrive: Best for Large Blogs
  8. Mediavine: Best for Lifestyle Bloggers
  9. Playwire: Best for High-Traffic Blogs and Enterprises
  10. InfoLinks: Best for In-Text Ads
  11. Bidvertiser: Best for Bidding Campaigns
  12. SHE Media: Best for Female-Focused Content
  13. Taboola: Best for Enterprises
  14. ylliX: Best for New Publishers
  15. RevenueHits: Best for Pay-Per-Action Campaigns

Give architecture service on online freelancing websites 

There are many skills like making floor plans, making and rendering 3D models, design analysis, and BIM operating skills that are trending in this market, especially on freelancing websites where clients mainly come for such work.

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You as an architecture student have to work on such freelancing websites because such websites contain lots of potentials.

They can offer you as many clients as you want and believe me it will help in your academy school because there is one thing related to these freelancing websites and that is time management.

You can offer your architecture skill services on these freelancing websites and earn money. One thing: make sure that the website also charges some percentage of your earnings.

The list of 11 freelancing websites are:-

1. Fiverr

2. Toptal 

3. Jooble


5. Upwork

6. Flexjobs

7. SimplyHired

8. Guru 

9. LinkedIn

10. Behance

11. 99designs

Sell graphic design on freelancing websites 

Graphic design is also a good option for architecture students. At the beginning of the academic session architecture, students taught graphic design.

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Maybe graphic design will not follow the whole 5 years but through graphic design, you can learn a lot about how to create some good creative ideas and concepts. Graphic design is also a good option that students can earn it. Same as architecture services, graphic design is also offered on such freelancing websites.

Where to offer your services, I know you can go to an online freelancing website which was mentioned previously. And there is another option that you can provide your service offline, all you have to do is to exhibit your work in public places where they can see your work and buy your product.

Make logos and sell them on freelancing websites

Logo design is also a good option for architecture students to earn money. That your logo should be unique and attractive, all you can do is master this skill of logo design. 

Logo design is a bit different from other services, logo design is a graphic mark, emblem, or symbol used to aid and promote public identification and recognition. It may be of an abstract or figurative design or include the text of the name it represents as in a wordmark.

Make informational videos related to Architecture on YouTube

You can try YouTube also, just go to YouTube and make information and tutorial videos related to architecture, news, projects, and blogs. Buy applying for Google AdSense and doing affiliate marketing and running promotional ads on your video will also give you a good amount of money.

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Architecture students have more lineage and flexibility as compared to professional architects because they have lots of time to do different things.

So try to do different things on YouTube also, through this you can earn a lot of money. You may have a big initial amount and that amount will be used in your future expenses also and you can full fill your plan with that also.

Learn and master any skill and upload the tutorial video of it on skillshare

Skillshare is also a good option for those who like to give tutorials and study base videos. This is also a video-based platform but depends on informatic videos. You have to make tutorial videos and be informative to the local people. You can earn money from it.

How architecture Students can earn money 05
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Your video should be that much information that even a 10-year-old kid could easily learn from it. Doesn’t matter which topic you choose, maybe related to architecture or maybe not related to architecture but it should be informative and legit.

You can make your videos for free also or you can also charge some amount for your videos, You have both options.

Contact any architecture professional and ask to work for them

There are many architecture firms available in the city where you live. As an architecture student, you can approach these professional architects forms where you can ask them for work.

You can also do this work as a part-time job. Work from home is also an option which relies on this category, where you can male them and ask them for work. If your architectural skills are up to the mark, then they will reward you with the job. 

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Working after your college time will also give you experience in professional practices and help you to make a portfolio. And you are earning cash out of it.


As a result, architecture students have many ways where they can do a good amount doing part-time jobs and freelancing work.

If you ask our opinion then writing a blog and making YouTube videos are the most trending ways to earn money. All you have to do is to generate traffic on your YouTube channel or website. You can do both parallel and earn a huge amount.

How architecture Students can earn money 07
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All you can do is learn how to generate traffic to your YouTube channels and websites. And the biggest and secret trick to generating traffic to your website and YouTube channel is


SEO which is search engine optimization. In the internet world, SEO is the only way to generate traffic appropriately. Their alternative ways are also there but the main source of generating traffic is SEO.

Go and learn this trick of SEO from YouTube or you can approach the expert of SEO who is writing the blogs into the website. You can Google search related to SEO and their website will be available to you.

Affiliate marketing, writing blogs, and even giving service in freelancing websites also need a good SEO where you can attract your clients towards your portal.

FAQ (frequently asked question)

What is SEO?

SEO is search engine optimization it’s a technique where a keyword is optimized according to the public interest. SEO tells how many keywords consist of monthly search volume, click per cost, keyword difficulty and many other things.

How to get a part-time job in an architecture firm?

Take care of the following things while applying for architectural form as an architecture student for a part-time job:-

  1. Make your portfolio attractive and convincing.
  2. Your drafting and architecture designs skill should be perfect
  3. During the interview, you must know about architecture design and professional practices also.

Which topics to cover on your architectural blog?

Try to work on the recent and latest trading topics related to architecture subjects. Try to cover the untouched which nobody has covered yet. Your content should be informative and legit, and readable to that constant even a 10-year-old kid also reads and learn from it.

Hope you like our article, Thank you.

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