Easy basic 9 steps

How Architect design house for you

1. Meeting with you(client)

Have a meeting between both parties, you and the Architects. Discussing Wishlist and details.

2. Site Visit

After that, with team Architect, will approach your site to look after the current situation to ensure about site situation.

3. Design Process

Taking care of the site’s shape, size, and type Architect will brainstorm his mind W.R.T. concept by working with different shapes and thought processes.

4. Making floor plans and other technical drawings on Drafting Software

5. Meeting With You(Client) Again

During the meeting, the Architect will show you the Architectural floor plan layouts, other drawings and related sketches.

6. Makes 2D Technical Drawings

After the finalization of the 2d floor plan layout, the Architect going to make technical drawings

7. Make Sections

Sections are 2-d visualization drawings which illustrate the building or part of a building Sections

8. Make Elevations

An elevation is a specific type of drawing used by architects to show a building or part of a building.

9. 3d modelling

last part which is the most interesting, creative and fancy thing, it’s a client-attracting thing. You will find it very interesting.


After all the drawings and paperwork, Architect going to hand over all the drawings to you.

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